2016 consolidating

Public business entities were required to adopt the guidance in 2016.Companies will need to reevaluate all variable interests they have in legal entities.For starters, here’s a quick look at the technology that is set to change the face of broadcasting both in India and abroad.On 15 December, Emerald Media—the pan-Asian platform established by global investment firm KKR & Co.The taxation of financial arrangements (TOFA) has been an area of great complexity for taxpayers and although originally intended to predominantly apply to larger taxpayers, in practice it has had broader application.

Two thosand fifteen has been a transcendental year for the payments and commerce industry. Yet, if we look what is to come in 2016, we would be surprised to see any major new trends.

If each sheet contains that month's data and if it is laid out in the same arrangement of columns and rows then you can summarize this full year of data into a single sheet using the Consolidate tool.

To do this select an empty sheet in the workbook - add a new one if necessary - and click in it.

Basically, today any content owner could create his/her own channel on the cloud-based platform and deliver it to any distribution network including on, say, Facebook Live.

“Technically, anyone can be a broadcaster as the cost of cloud services is low.

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