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Most surprising is what this case reveals about the police: how despite the prominence now afforded to sexual abuse, they continue to behave in strange and unaccountable ways. David, now 49, sits upright in an armchair, hands gripped together, revisiting as much as he can.

He has decided to forego his right to anonymity ­– for his real first name and photograph to be used – in the hope that he will, at last, be heard. It is the start of the investigation, and as David begins it seems his story is centred on sexual abuse – until something perhaps more startling appears.

Emotional & verbal abuse leaves deeper scars that no wound could ever show.

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Hidden cameras capture abuse and questionable care There is the story of Hellen Mac Donald, resident at St. Her story gained national prominence when her son, Camille Parent, exposed staff misconduct captured by a hidden camera he installed after nobody at the home could explain his mom’s black eye and bruising.But most troubling is footage of one care worker pushing and roughly handling her and waving a cloth she had just used to clean Helen’s backside in her face.Four workers were fired by the home, but three regained their jobs after their union fought for their reinstatement. Joseph declined W5’s interview request, they did say: “We have learned from our past and have implemented change through expanded education, a thorough review of policy and processes, and a fresh approach to care.Over the course of a one year investigation, W5 uncovered at least 1,500 cases of staff-to-resident abuse and neglect in nursing homes across Canada in 2013.That number is likely higher due to under-reporting of incidents.

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