Apple store not updating apps information on consolidating your bills

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On-Demand Support In-app help that’s there before you need it with immediate answers without calling for help. Access location services to find the nearest Verizon store for in-store pick-ups, to pay your bill in person and suggest international plans while you’re traveling. This review is for the Verizon app only as I have not fully explored or experienced all they have to offer yet.

To Restart or Reboot your i Pad air, i Phone or i Pad touch; Looking Button.

Now look for the DNS and input (is a Google Public DNS– which will ensure safety and speed) and make sure your i OS 10.3.1 device has enough space to download.

I went to update some apps from the app store, and it just won't do it.

The little circle keeps spinning without ever showing the "stop button" next to the app that also shows the download percentage. In addition to the answer of DDPWNAGE and user138479 you may try to update directly via the app site and click on "update" there instead of using the "update all" button in the update tab.

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