Application for dating my best friend

Crush code names/ship names never leave the circle, ever.

They are sacred and never to be shared, especially since you use them to communicate about bae in public.5.

This article is the deciding factor in the sharing of the best friend, who gets him what weekends and holidays, etc.

Described in this article is a point system for the girlfriend.

Because we did not know the soon to be Mr., we all had questions.

Questions Savi Pearl was able to vocalize on paper.

No matter how much it annoys you because you swear your crush notices, you secretly kind of love how she's so in tune with everything you're feeling/thinking.8. When you spot a hot pic of her/your celeb crush, you must screen shot it and send it over ASAP. You want to make sure you're on the same page—not too over or underdressed—and maybe you'll want to be twinsies that day.15.

Of course, I still gave him hell about it, calling him daily, reminding him that he was no friend at all.

I did promise Jonathan and Lindsay that I would write at some point. Since this will serve as a guidebook, then I’ll have to make a few key guidelines or rules.

If you're home sick, she knows to take notes for you and bring you any makeup work/homework you need.

She fills you in on everything that happened at school that day, from classwork to the latest juicy gossip.6. She won't necessarily be rude or mean to them, because that's not ~classy~, but she won't be caught going to the movies with her, obvi.7. She's obligated to tell you if you have something on your face/in your teeth/on your shirt. And you can always count of her to save you from total humiliation.10.

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