Cisco validating identity error

with web applications that do not support SAML and that use sign-in forms to validate user credentials.In an HFED Proxy configuration, the identity router performs authentication into the protected application server on the user's behalf, using credentials stored on the identity router in a user profile (called a keychain), before directing the user to the requested application page. Text2$), the application will be marked as In Error and processing on the application will not continue. Text1$ encountered an error in the Application Driver, the Application Driver for $Event. Certificate found during a Network Validation Scan of Host: $Event. Value2$, did not match the certificate on record for $Event. Component$ failed to load the IX509Application Driver Interface (Driver name: $Event.

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You can also add a simple bookmark to My Applications. Use the following guidelines to decide which method to use for adding an application in with web applications that are enabled for SAML SSO.In a SAML Direct configuration, the identity router verifies a user's identity through a SAML assertion, and a service provider (such as a Saa S application) consumes that assertion as proof of identity.User access to the application flows through a trust relationship between the identity router and a SAML-enabled web application.Error codes and Event IDs are categorized in groups. All the prefixes are listed below, with the name of the associated group. Component$ is configured to use a User Provided CSR, Director does not have a copy the Private Key but will install the Certificate to be used on this application. Text1$, X509 Subject Alt Name,",\"]$The certificate management service module for the engine $CN[$Event. Clicking on the group prefix will take you directly to the associated section of the complete listing of the event IDs. Text2$]$ has successfully revoked the certificate $Event.

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