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2) You have had one bad date after another in a series.

Your date was obsessed with his/ her phone, had weird habits, was drunk or could not get the conversation going, whatever the reason; it just hasn’t worked out in the last few dates.

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The total number of mixed unions in Canada in 2011 was 360,000, or 4.6 per cent of the population.

RELATED: Mixed marriage in Canada: Forces for and against The adventure of inter-ethnic love Interfaith marriage in Canada: Support dropping: Poll 2013 The main reason Metro Vancouver and Toronto have the most couples in mixed unions is because the cities have the highest portions of visible minorities.

Along with my hands-on experience, I also have a degree in Social Psychology from The University of Western Ontario, and I have successfully completed several coaching courses and seminars.Non-whites make up more than 45 per cent of residents in each metropolis.A surprise in the report, however, is that the city of Victoria, with only 11 per cent of residents belonging to a visible minority, comes in third in Canada for the proportion of couples in mixed unions, at 7.2 per cent.Statistics Canada released a report Tuesday showing 9.6 per cent of Metro Vancouver’s couples are made up of partners from different ethnic backgrounds.That means 51,375 couples out of 536,000 in Metro Vancouver are in mixed unions.

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