Greg rikaart dating

Prior to leaving Genoa City nearly three years ago, Chloe stole Billy’s DNA sample from an obviously unsecured laboratory.Speaking to herself and therefore the audience, this kooky bird said that she was going to have herself artificially inseminated in order to give birth to a second daughter that was as close to a carbon copy of Delia (Sophie Pollono) as was possible.

The About The Actors section provides readers with biographical information about past and present The Young and the Restless stars.He graduated with honors from Villanova University in PA.While in college, Greg spent a semester in Washington, D. After moving to Hollywood to pursue his career as an actor, Greg began training with Howard Fine and early on in his career he appeared in shows including As If, Grounded For Life, That's Life, The Gilmore Girls, and Strong Medicine.Rikaart’s character, Kevin went on to having some epic love stories including his marriage to Jana Hawkes (Emily O’Brien) and of course his multiple marriages to Chloe Mitchell (Elizabeth Hendrickson).Chloe has recently left Kevin standing at the altar as she escaped her unforgivable crimes of kidnapping and killing Adam Newman (Justin Hartley).

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