Guarding your heart in dating

Although God used that relationship to grow me, the memory is marked by godly regret.

Instead of attempting to win the heart of bachelorette Jennifer Schefft, Jason says, "I went on the program to show love rather than to find it." Now, continuing his controversial stand on no sex before marriage, the 30-year-old virgin openly discusses his faith-based perspective in his new book (Warner Faith, 2006).

One way they guarded each other's heart was to communicate to each other in a way that anyone else could have listened in on their conversations or read their emails back and forth with each other.

Certainly they were aware of a growing attraction ...

I wished I had listened to my instincts, and I wished I had followed the Spirit's leading, which had burdened me with a gnawing sense of caution both prior to and during the courtship.How can you call your book and how can you talk about this sex and dating thing as if you know about it when you are a virgin? That’s the problem we have, because we are not talking about relationships anymore in this society. Some people say that there is nothing about dating in the Bible.We are talking about sex and how the relationship fits into the sex. It is not an all or nothing relationship that we have played it out to be. Should we ‘kiss dating goodbye’ or should we ‘kiss dating hello’? There is nothing about automobiles in the Bible either. There are two sides, two extremes that we have been pulled to: I kissed dating goodbye and the hope of any normal relationship, and I will just kiss everyone goodnight and do whatever I want to satisfy myself.How do we guard our hearts until we are ready for more, when we know each other almost better than ourselves? Learning to guard our hearts is such an important life skill that we need to use at every stage in life, so I applaud you for your desire to grow in this way. for the lessons you learn now in guarding your heart, you will certainly benefit from over the course of your life!

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    Whether it's a new boyfriend who seems like he's bad news or a friend who sets off that little warning light in your brain, deciding how to handle these kinds of situations is one of the biggest struggles I've heard moms talk about.