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WORK to repair Herefordshire's Snodhill Castle in Herefordshire – thought to be one of the earliest in the chain of castles built in the Dore Valley during the 11th century – will start next week.

The repairs to the castle will be funded by Historic England through a Repair Grant of £474,000.

Last summer, after years of negotiation, ownership of the castle was finally transferred to the newly established Snodhill Castle Preservation Trust (SCPT).

Volunteers from the SCPT, with help from Historic England, carried out vegetation clearance so the castle is accessible and repairs can begin.

“We get a lot of people that come in drag, but the thing about Ru Paul’s Drag Race is it’s an all-inclusive TV show.

Everybody who felt like they never belonged or didn’t have a place to go, when you come to our show not only will you feel included, you will feel like you’re at home.

Thanks to this work, it is once again possible to see the full extent of the bailey, and appreciate the drama of the motte and gatehouse.

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Decades of neglect saw sections of the castle’s walls collapse and the castle itself lost from view, and completely inaccessible due to uncontrolled growth of brambles and scrub.

Resident judge on the world renowned Ru Paul’s Drag Race and mother of all drag queens is coming to London with some favourite faces from the show.

Hosted by Michelle Visage, Christmas Queens on December 6 features Manila Luzon, Detox, Katya, Phi Phi O’Hara and Alaska (surname too rude to print).

“A lot of people come solo and meet people when they’re waiting in line and make really good friendships.” Cheeky as it may have been, I couldn’t help but ask Michelle if she has a favourite queen from those in the show, you can probably guess her answer. I have two daughters and if you asked me to choose my favourite daughter I’d be a bad mum, so it’s the same.” Michelle met Ru Paul almost thirty years ago while they were both working at nightclubs in New York City but they didn’t become friends until 1996.

“We were put together in morning radio just by accident.

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