Is farrah abraham still dating daniel alvarez

In case you haven't heard, Farrah Abraham wants to get married, like, yesterday.We're still recovering from watching poor Daniel Alvarez squirm in his life jacket as Farrah propositioned him for a ring just one month into their relationship, but listen up y'all. But who is this man of mystery and, perhaps more importantly, are they still together?

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A spin-off of 16 and Pregnant, the series chronicles the lives of four of the teenagers from the original series as they navigate their first few years of motherhood.Daniel Alvarez is a retired American soccer midfielder.On tonight's episode of Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham introduced her mom to her new boyfriend, Daniel Alvarez.“Although I didn’t see Farrah’s initial reaction, I don’t believe she was surprised. In fact, he and Farrah haven’t spoken since their televised breakup. The last time we spoke [before this] was during our breakup and the last communication with her was a few days later when she was texting me all sorts of obscenities.” It looks like we can’t count on a romantic reunion anytime soon! , viewers watched Farrah Abraham accompany boyfriend Daniel Alvarez on what was supposed to be a romantic trip to his hometown of Austin, Texas.

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