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"May all his victims, known and unknown, now have peace." Crummel was one of the first Orange County targets of "Megan's Law," which allows authorities to notify neighbors if any "high-risk" sex offenders live in their midst.

Mothers who ousted a convicted child molester from their Newport Beach neighborhood in the late 1990s lauded his death Tuesday.

I should have stopped complaining to my friends"Whenever I was annoyed at my husband, I immediately was on the phone complaining to my sister or one of my friends," says Donna, 40, divorced for ten years and now happily remarried for two.

But that doesn't mean it's "In a marriage, it's easy to brush issues under the carpet or assume that things will just work out, but that's rarely the case," says Lisa Bahar, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist based in Newport Beach, CA. and by the time we actually went, two years after problems began, I feel like everything felt insurmountable and so, so hard to talk through.Newport Beach offers many different types of arts and entertainment to please all ages, such as museums, performing arts spots and cinemas, so anyone visiting will always be impressed and entertained.If you are the active type, look no further than the activities on offer - such as paddleboarding, boating and biking - to get a good workout here.With an average listing price of ,304,166, home prices in Newport Beach dropped by 3.4 percent this year, but the marginal decline did little to the overall market.Meanwhile, number of for-sale homes on the market marginally increased 0.3 percent, from 354 to 355 listings.

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