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Despite some rough edges and a limited set of things to do, beta users have shown a remarkable willingness to stay in Altspace VR. The average usage over a weekend-long chat room test has been 25 minutes, “which is just crazy, crazy good,” says Romo, noting Netflix’s average session is around 20 minutes.

Twenty percent of users in the last test spent over two hours inside the land of make-believe.

A story about the rise and fall of Zyga - a Polish kid in his early twenties, who wants to take charge of his life after the fall of communism, but in a time of chaos and moral anarchy, unwillingly becomes a gangster.

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I cock my head sideways and throw up a triumphant fist just like in most of my meatspace selfies. It’s reasonable to suspect I might be taking a lot more meetings on the virtual plane in the near future. Backed by Google Ventures, the VR communication platform lets dozens of people from anywhere in the world share a virtual space. Virtual reality could make you actually feel like you’re sitting next to them. Altspace VR was founded in 2013 and has since absorbed .2 million in funding from investors, including Google Ventures, Formation 8, Dolby, Tencent, Rothenberg Ventures, Haystack, Promous, Maven, Startcaps, Lux, Promus, Foundation, and SV Angel.“Let’s take a selfie in front of that window with the galaxy,” I say to an excitable robot that looks like Wall-E’s svelte girlfriend EVA.On the other end of the Internet from Tech Crunch’s SF headquarters is Eric Romo. “If you design the physics of the interaction correctly, people follow the patterns they do in real life.” Binaural, directional audio means you can tell if someone behind you is talking, and you’ll hear their voice fade if you wander away.According to him, it's better to be a smart blonde than a smart brunette because the blonde hair offsets your intelligence and makes you seem more likable.You know, because being intelligent and not blonde is just too much for the world to handle.

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