Office 2016 conditional formatting not updating long hang out before dating

And yes, it did use up lots of resources but it did exist. Same with RTD server functionality, Microsoft had to post several fixes for that alone.

Then why did my RTD server push data on a timer callback before but now nothing updates?

I set calculation mode to automatic but when I enter "=Now()" inside a cell I do not see the time updating even when formatting is changed to show seconds. Even setting the cell format to General does not change that.

My problem is that even in Automatic calculation mode the cell does not automatically update which it should.

For a list of all Office Online features, such as Word Online and Power Point Online, see Feature availability across Office 365 plans To see what file type are supported by Excel Online, see Supported file types for Office Online.update when something else (calculation relevant) is changed on the sheet, and a recalculation is triggered that way.Changing a formatting is not an event that needs a recalculation, so that is not enough; but for example typing anything in any cell You are saying there was never a way to have Excel recalculate automatically on cells' changed values without user intervention? I did have it in Excel 2013 and it worked perfectly well.Also see: How to re-enable your Systems2win add-in Why did Microsoft do that?Because the designer of the third-party application might not appreciate some add-in application generating some error that the user then believes is caused by THEIR application. No add-ins will be launched when Excel is launched by clicking a link from a Share Point server or a Word document, Power Point, PDF, etc. If your original file is damaged, and you don't have a backup, then open the "repaired" document only to transcribe the data to a fresh new blank template.

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