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When in this area, you might want to check out Woodville, Vacy, Paterson, Martins Creek, Iona and Dunns Creek as well. The clostest airport we know of is Maitland Airport ( Explore photos from this location and prepare your trip.

Have a look at the top 40 photos from our Paterson slideshow below to get a view of what this places is like.

Paterson was told by the Knights that he was not part of their long term plans and was free to look elsewhere for 2011 and beyond.

Paterson converted to Islam during the 2011 season, requiring him to fast during daylight hours in the month of August, co-inciding with the Cowboys run-in to the NRL finals series.

Inform youself about this destination before you start your trip. More reading: Wikipedia Article Tocal (meaning 'plenty' in the local Aboriginal language) is a locality situated in the lower Hunter Valley, of New South Wales, Australia.

Indeed the Paterson River was then known as the Cedar Arm due to the abundance of timber.The first known European in the area was the man whose name the town was to adopt, Colonel William Paterson, who, in 1801, surveyed the area beside the river that Governor King named in his honour.As with so many colonial settlements, timbercutters, after local supplies of red cedar, followed in the footsteps of the explorers and surveyors.Paterson railway station is located on the Hunter Line in New South Wales, Australia. It is serviced by NSW Train Link Hunter line services travelling between Hamilton (Newcastle) and Dungog.The station opened on 14 August 1911 with the original wooden station building still in place. It is serviced by NSW Train Link Hunter line services travelling between Hamilton (Newcastle) and Dungog.

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