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Yet, seemingly on a mission to keep us completely out of the loop on her love life, the “Hands to Myself” crooner seems to have started things up with Sam once again! We wonder how the 22-year-old Irish cutie is coping with the news of Sel’s new beau.

The pair was seen leaving a hotel in Beverly Hills after having dinner together Sunday night, oh, and we should also mention that they were HOLDING HANDS! Does that mean that the former boy bander will be joining The Beibs’ “Not Over Selena” Club now?

The two were seen giddy from laughter and sharing whole lot of PDA, including when Sel really threw caution to the wind and sat on Samuel’s lap. But while the shots show that is clearly going on between S & S, they still don’t explain WTF went on between Selena and Niall Horan.

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