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Raphael Pichey "Rafi" Gavron (born 24 June 1989) is a British-American actor, known for his roles in the romantic-drama film Breaking and Entering, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, Inkheart, Celeste and Jesse Forever, and as Lex in Mine Games. His half-aunt (his father's half-sister) is director Sarah Gavron.

Gavron was born in Hendon, the son of writer Martha Pichey and the late publisher Simon Gavron. Gavron was raised in a Jewish family in North London. Gavron has two younger brothers; Benjamin (born 1992) and Moses (born 1996). In Breaking and Entering, he played Miro, a young burglar who uses techniques from parkour to gain access to the high-tech offices of an urban landscape architect; he performed several difficult physical feats in the film.

He is the son of Simon Gavron, a British-born publisher, and Martha Pichey, an American-born writer. Rafi’s paternal grandparents were born in London, England, and Tel Aviv, Israel, respectively, both of them to Ashkenazi Jewish families. Rafi’s maternal grandfather was from a French-Canadian (Catholic) family.

Rafi’s maternal grandmother is of German or German Jewish background. most people that are actually supposed to be Caucasian are Brown sking, brunette hair and the resemblence of him..

He copped a plea and pled no contest to domestic violence and joy riding.

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They are a millionaire whose net worth money is more than £11 million. Fyvel was a writer who worked with George Orwell and was a friend. He grew up in Primrose Hill district of his native city.His mother is writer Martha Pichey and his father is late publisher Simon Gavron.His paternal grandfathers are from Eastern European Jewish Family.For his role, Gavron received a nomination for the Most Promising Newcomer award at the British Independent Film Awards.Gavron played the hired assassin Duro in the second season of HBO's Rome.

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