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Date aired: September 15, 1994Plot: After escaping from a cult, Martin goes to the unemployment office to try and find gainful employment. It's so important because: The colorful cast of characters make this show memorable. Date aired: September 19, 1993Plot: Martin gets stuck hosting a baby shower while Pam and Gina get stuck trying to get a song-obsessed mechanic to fix their car. Date aired: September 5, 1993Plot: While Gina is away at a business conference, Cole convinces Martin that she's actually having a romantic rendezvous with another man.So important because: It gave us Elroy, the singing mechanic who had the same line from a song stuck in his head for years. It's so important because: There's a fantastic scene where the handyman (who Martin mistook for Gina's mythical lover) is trying to leave the room but can't, so Martin improvises an ass-whooping complete with roundhouses. Date aired: October 1, 1992Plot: Sheneneh plans a romantic date with Kid of the rap group Kid 'n Play after winning a date with him on Martin's radio show.He retained this position until the series' final episode, in which he and Gina prepared to move to Los Angeles, from where his show would be syndicated nationally.The move coincided fortuitously with Gina's promotion by her boss Mr.It's so important because: Watching Sheneneh put the moves on the man of her dreams was pure poetry. Date aired: October 3, 1993Plot: After Gina loses Martin's tickets to a Piston's game, she agrees to work in Sheneneh's shop for a day to replace them. Date aired: November 7 & 14, 1993Plot: After interviewing popular talk show host Varnell Hill, Martin rounds up everyone and heads to Hollywood where he intends to land to show of his own.It's so important because: Sheneneh's shade is one of the best parts of the series, and there's plenty of it in this episode. It's so important because: Varnell Hill singing his theme song is amazing and rivaled only by Martin crashing Jodeci's performance on stage, giving us classic lines like "Me and Jodeci think you cheatin' on us." Date aired: March 28, 1996Plot: Pam begins to act like Martin after being hypnotized at her dentist's office.It's so important because: Tichina Arnold, who played Pam, absolutely killed her impression of Martin. Date aired: April 25, 1996Plot: Martin has to spend the day at the DMV after his insurance is cancelled. Date aired: August 22, 1993Plot: Martin and the gang tell their very different stories of the first time Martin and Gina met.It's so important because: The people at the DMV with Martin really make this episode, like the "you so almondy" guy. It's so important because: Seeing everyone's version of their meeting was a gut-buster, and Martin's 70s pimp voice was unparalleled.

But Ford will always be remembered for his role as Thomas “Tommy” Strawn on the classic Fox sitcom Martin from 1992 to 1997.

A common theme of the series is Martin's ornery and wayward nature.

Episodes often center on Martin's inconsiderate behaviors and incessant smart mouth towards his friends, neighbors, and whoever else finds themselves in his presence.

"Now I got a countdown of my own for Sheneneh," Nicki continued.

"U got 72 hours to drop a hit and I'll give u half a million dollars if u can book ANY show or interview w/o mentioning the Queen name." Hmmm.

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