Songs about dating a country boy

We can battle for a buck on our first date Get some mud on the truck or go hunt snakes You'll get chiggers on your legs, but that's okay I'll scratch 'em for you later.I ain't got no candles or red wine I got a beer and a catfish on the line.It describes the uniqueness of their relationship and the lyrics speak to their souls.

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Country is the place to find dates who love the country lifestyle just as much as you do.If your can's running low on dip Give me a kiss and I'll fill your lip This country boy love is what you need, We can knock them boots and yell "yee yee" All them city boys jealous of what they see Cause they ain't loving like that, no.This country boy love is what you need Like a 12 gauge pump can set you free Once you taste these biscuits, that's so sweet You ain't ever going back, no.These country songs are all about families and the ups and downs that come with them. We often feel an emotional connection to songs, particularly country songs.The southern and country way of life has a long history of family values, and good country songs reflect that culture.

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