Validating mental health jdating

Confirmatory factor analysis was used to test the hypothesis that the scale measured a single construct.

Internal consistency was assessed using Cronbach's alpha.

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Content validity was assessed by reviewing the frequency of complete responses and the distribution of responses to each item.The CAF mental health system was further enhanced since 2006 by such measures as the expert panels on mental health-related issues, the Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) program, expanded mental health research efforts, telemental health, virtual reality exposure capabilities, and others.The CF H Svcs Gp now has a comprehensive mental health system that consists of strategic, operational and tactical programs and services.The Directorate of Mental Health provides national coordination, strategic assessment and oversight whereas operational delivery of clinical services is carried out through 1 and 4 Health Services Groups.Our mental health system is based on high-quality health surveillance and research to better understand the risks and needs of our population, understand how to improve its health, and improve treatment of illness.

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