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Here is a history of the cherry blossom and its evolving meaning, from ancient Japan to current day.

Cherry blossoms are connected to Japanese folk religions, a symbol of reproduction and new life.

All these elements make Japan such an interesting country.

If you are looking for something new you are sure to find it here.

The Western North Carolina counties of the Blue Ridge Mountains have some of the most beautiful scenic drives any where in the country.

Each county has its own distinct topography, natural beauty and local historical significance.

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Bing sweet cherry trees produce large, delicious, deep red fruit.

The Kwanzan is the highlight at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D. How to Grow: Cherry trees should be planted in early spring.

If growing cherries for their fruit, a cooler drier climate is best.

In addition to their wonderful fruit, many property owners grow cherry trees for their spectacular spring flowers.

Cherry trees can have a graceful weeping form or attractive upright canopy depending on the species.

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