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It is also very likely that recipients of these spam messages are registered Craigslist account holders as spammers have been known to harvest phone numbers directly from the Craigslist website. The most common of these forms are messages purporting as being: 1.From Craigslist - If the SMS phishing text message says it's from Craigslist (team, support team etc.), it will more than likely state something about unauthorised activity on the account or that the account has been blocked/suspended and needs to be verified by the user by logging into their account (from the link they provide in the message). From other Craigslist account holders - If it is purporting as another Craigslist user, it will usually be a general enquiry about a listing (as shown below).

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The SMS, in this context, being the “bait” so to speak.

(Photo: Thinkstock)In 2001, I planned to move to a new town in Connecticut. Deposit the check, and then send 0 by Western Union to my shipping company.”Maybe your spider-sense is tingling. You’ll deposit it, wire this guy 0 of your real money—and a couple of days later, your bank will let you know that the money order was a fake. Three big clues that you’re being targeted: (a) The offer is for more than you’re asking; (b) you’re supposed to send your item to another country; and (c​) you’re asked to use the other guy’s shipping company.

I put my house up for sale, but it sat there, unsold in the recession, for over a year. But sure enough, you get a money order or certified check in the mail. You get an email from your bank (or Amazon, e Bay, Pay Pal, Yahoo, Apple) saying that there’s a problem with your account.

So it is no surprise that Craigslist is regularly targeted by nearly every scam in the book.

In particular, and the topic of this blog, is the persistent attempts by scammers to defraud or steal personal and sensitive information from registered Craigslist account holders by sending phishing SMS text messages (sometimes referred to as SMSishing).

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