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The former model turned graphic designer hails from Switzerland and has been seen holding the singer's hand often, so these two are obviously not shy about being outed as a couple.

In March there were rumours that the lovers made a sex tape.

Joe kept his attire brighter in a white and grey shirt topped by a white Lacoste hat.

His date was more adventurous with her print dress, a sweet gold necklace with two charms and ombre colored hairstyle which Khloe Kardashian made popular last year.

But the two have taken lots of pictures together that have suggested otherwise β€” namely, that they are one of the most attractive couples to have ever existed.

Back in February, the two of them adorably tweeted about Pia (who is primarily based in New York for the year of her Miss Universe reign) needing a "good doctor." It's unclear whether Mike provided her checkup, but here's hoping he did.

"So we got to know each other." "It was nice hanging out with her," he added.

#TBT with my Valentine @roxy.husky πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ Ask any dog owner. We’re literally drooling just reminiscing over him again. The then-single doctor even went all out and put his looks to good use by auctioning off a date with him, in order to give the funds raised to charity. But sadly, only one girl is allowed to open that nowadays.

Their photos together in Thailand and South Korea have piqued the interest of fans. Rumors about their supposed romance first began after Juan posted a photo of him in Bangkok with Suansane, whom he first met during the recent Miss Universe pageant, saying his trip was "definitely worth it" after bumping into the beauty queen.

It's a fairly new relationship but I'm really excited to see where it can go!

" Pia has denied any serious relationship as recently as last week, insisting during a Facebook live chat that Miss Universe is her current priority in life.

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