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On the whole it stays away from teaching you any skills that would be useful with all women, except where he talks about some general rules for relationships.This can be very appealing to beginners, however, does it work?Dating To Relating - From A To Z teaches not only teaches you pick up technique, it take personality and situational variables into consideration.David Deangelo, Mystery and Neil Strauss teach you technique as if all women were the same.It has some original and useful concepts in it, and makes an attempt to simplify the world of dating for men. Rx stood out for one thing, it would be the maturity of his perspectives and advice. For a start, many of the perspectives I have towards relationships and women that took me quite a while to understand - from the accumulation of experience rather than dating advice (which didn't exist at the time) - he has included here. For example, his insights into the importance of women feeling 'safe' and what that means are all valuable and true.Unfortunately, the good stuff is hidden within a lot of bad advice that would confuse beginners. And these are often underestimated in dating advice, especially where it concerns relationship skills advice. In Dating to Relating the author begins by discussing the weaknesses of other dating authors' products, and telling you why his is better.Well if you notice I don't even talk about "cocky and funny in the above articles (even though I do use it situationally), because it works so poorly and on so few women, that it isn't worth mentioning.

I show you how to develop your own unique strategies that are 100% RIGHT for you! My techniques set you up for a sound relationship from the very beginning.

But they both miss out on this fact - I conquered the "beautiful tease" just as Mystery has.

But unlike Mystery, I also conquered the "love girls" and the "average girls" and the "bored girls" in the club.

There is a mix of good/ mature advice and bad/misleading advice in this book. hammers on about his philosophy with women and how it leads to healthier relationships and greater satisfaction for you.

If you use it, you'll end up wasting a lot of time - especially if you are a beginner. Exception: if you are experienced (so you can tell what won't work) and don't mind spending the money/time there are valuable concepts and tools you can add to Dating to Relating is one of the beginner level dating advice books for men that you see promoted the most on the Internet. He gives you some great mindsets and ways of looking at what you should be doing if you want to ensure relationships last.

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