Is nat wolff dating rosilina

Instead, they get Betty, a "cleaning specialist", who watches old movies and drinks non alcoholic mint juleps while she instructs the kids on how to clean.

The kids' plans to fire her are flummoxed when Dad gets home and falls head over heels for her.

22 June 2007One evening before bed, Alex asks Nat to write a song for the band to perform at the Foster Kids benefit that he can dedicate to his new friend Juanita.

Nat agrees, but the next morning, both boys wake up with a song in their heads. It annoys Nat that Rosalina hangs out with the opponent's lead singer.

Nat's 8 year old brother, Alex, wears a doo-rag and fake tattoos because what he lacks in reproductive organs he makes up for in bling bling, haterz! Alex always wonders why 18 year old girls aren't attracted to him.

The story is based around Nat and Alex's unsuccessful love life. He "left" the band because some whore wouldn't let him see his first set of hooters.

He hopped out of his own bed and went to get their dad."Dad, Nat's sick.""Really? This is really sounding like…""Dad, it's just a bug! ""Alright, but you aren't going to school today." Nat just nodded his head. They said it might take a couple of days, depending on how apparent the problem was. Everyone seemed to be having fun, but it was clear that things just weren't he same without Nat there. Wolff realized how worried they all actually were."You guys just want to spend the night here? He had just put the phone down from making the last call when the phone rang again."Hello?

""Considering he just ran into the bathroom mid-conversation, I'd say so.""Maybe he just really had to go." Leave it to dad to be clueless."Dad, he walked into a wall and said it was a door."That doesn't sound like Nat at all. Wolff said, and het got up and went into the bathroom where Nat was. When he finally felt he had gotten everything out of his system, he tried to stand up, but found that his legs wouldn't support him."Nat, this really is worrying me. His dad had been worried about him ever since that one doctor visit that ended in a hospitalization. I can call you parents and get it cleared, if you guys want." He asked, and everyone shouted that they would, thanks.

It's probably just a small bug, dad.""Nat, what else are you experiencing? I woke up, was still really tired, and I walked into a wall.""Alex said that you first said that you walked into a door.""I'm tired, ok, give me a break." He turned his head and threw up into the toilet again. Alex got off to school, promising to tell everyone what was going on. Wolff got Nat down to the car and drove him to the hospital. Nat kept swearing it was just a bug, but they still took him to run other tests. But we need to wait for the results before we can decide anything.""Thank you, doctor." Mr. He decided that he needed to sit with Nat, so that Nat wasn't alone, especially if it did end up being the worst case scenario. ""We're still at the hospital, waiting for the results of his tests. Nat was still really tired one morning when he woke up, as if he hadn't slept at all. Until he tried to think of what day of the week it was, but couldn't get it. I'm just not feeling great, that's all.""What do you mean 'not feeling great'? He got out of bed and walked straight into the wall as he tried leaving his room. ""I was walking out of the room when I walked straight into the door.""Nat, that's a wall, not a door.""Totally what I meant. " Alex asked, looking a little concerned."I'm fine, Alex. I know Alex said that he was still in the hospital. Season 3 of The Naked Brothers Band follows the fortunes of the band as they make their first motion picture, from shooting to the red carpet premiere, and features four prime-time, hour-long television movie events and three half-hour holiday specials filled with special guests and all-new music written and performed by both Nat Wolff and Alex Wolff.The Naked Brothers Band is making a major motion picture! Nat can’t understand why Rosalina seems to be sabotaging herself with terrible acting in order to get written out of the film.

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